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Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Make the World a Better Place

Conflict is part of the human experience. But it can slow progress and harm relationships—and at its worst, cause war.  As a student of conflict resolution, you’ll study the nature of conflict and learn how to manage and channel it into cooperation and progress. It’s an exciting new field with high value in many careers and settings—from personal to global.

Join an extraordinary group of committed, collaborative students and supportive faculty who will challenge you.

If you want an intimate learning community where collaboration and support are everyday advantages, you’ll find it here. In this 2-year Master’s program, you’ll join creative and committed students, led by a passionate faculty who will challenge you with a rich curriculum. After the first year, you’ll have a firm foundation of conflict resolution. During your second year, you can apply this knowledge by specializing in a wide range of fields and opportunities, including…

  • climate change, environmental issues, and public policy
  • community and family-based conflict resolution
  • cross-cultural and interpersonal communication
  • global conflict, management, and resolution
  • management, labor, and organizational conflict

You may also decide to delve further into an aspect of this interdisciplinary field, joining other students in the pursuit of a concurrent degree with another UO program. 

Acquire knowledge and skills increasingly recognized as valuable by employers in government, business, and the non-profit sectors.

Conflict resolution expertise is increasingly valued and applied in corporate and organizational settings, public policy decision-making, and in many sectors of legal practice. Government and business leaders recognize that managing and resolving conflict is critical to success, and the skills you acquire with this degree will benefit you throughout your career—regardless of where it takes you.

Accomplish all of this in the progressive community of Eugene, midway between the towering Cascade mountain range and spectacular Pacific coast.

Learning to resolve conflict and make the world a better place is easier when you live in a city where progressive ideals, care for the environment, and support for the community are the norm. Whether your interests are outdoor recreation, the arts, leading a sustainable lifestyle, or enjoying fine cuisine and some of the best beer in the nation, you’ll be inspired by Eugene, Oregon. 

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